About DigiEdu

“DigiEdu” is an android application which provides a complete software solution for the school management. Our easy to use and user-friendly modules are designed to reduce paperwork. The automated feature has been designed to reduce the human interaction thus making processing error-free.

The application is having Android interface for Parent and teacher modules which contain Diary, attendance and Chat messaging functionality to make the interaction with teachers prompt and easy.

It has various kinds of modules

  • Teacher Module
  • Parents Module
  • Admin Module
  • Sub-Admin Module

Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn.


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Features of DigiEdu

DigiEdu had the some of the features like the Diary, Attendance, Messaging, Gallery, Events, Transport, etc.


DigiEdu App has working dairy forum where students learn and practice. This is a total course of events perspective of educational, expenses, comes about related data being sent by the school all the time.


Positive way to deal with non-appearance students which applies standards of conduct alteration to accomplish enhanced participation at work.


This feature is useful to know the work given to the students in the class to do after the school hours every day.


It is a special feature available in the DigiEdu school management app which allows the teacher to know more about the parents and vice-versa through the chat.


Photographs - Create boundless collections and photographs for all the fun youngsters have in your school. Be it that extraordinary outing or occasions like the annual function, Republic day, Independence Day and the NCC camp held in the school.


DigiEdu App will send you the notifications about events like parent-teacher meeting (PTM), annual function, republic day, Independence Day, etc. And give you the updates about the events.