About Phamarc

Phamarc is a specially designed android application for the pharmaceutical industries, It provides complete solutions for the pharmaceutical Product Management Team (PMT) are easy to use and user-friendly modules are designed to reduce the paperwork. The automated feature has been designed to reduce the human interaction thus making processing error-free. The application is having Android interface for the employees for the official chatting purpose, monthly field meeting analysis and the reports.

It has different types of modules
  • Admin Module
  • Marketing Manager Module
  • Product Manager Module
  • Field Force Module (MR/ASM/RSM/ZSM)
  • KOL Management Module
  • Chemist Management Module

Services we provide

Customer Analysis

Is used to plain the geometrics of the customer, to know the customer needs and the complete details of the customer through the simple process.

Strategic Business Planning

It can use for the value proposition and the company tactics to know the complete details about the company Strategic.

Company based execution

It is helped in the company based execution management enables organizations to be more efficient, more effective and more capable of change than a functionally focused, traditional hierarchical management approach. These processes can impact the cost and revenue generation of an organization.

Performance management

Performance management is helpful in checking the quality metrics of the entire company.

Admin Module

The admin module is the main module which accessed by the authorized person in the company only for the office staff, product masters, employees, Doctor Module, Chemist Module.

New Product Module

The new Product Module is designed to keep all the stack holder in close communication. The instant feedback from the Chemist, Doctor, and Field force will help in marketing new product.

Chemist Application

The chemist will able to give the immediate feedback about the product and the updates of the test results without any delay or the problem.

Inter Office Chatting

It will be the official chatting between the office staff to know the updates or give information about them like leaves etc.

Doctor Application

The Doctors can give their feedback about the product and can give the suggestions related to the product and information about any updates.

Official chatting application

It is the official chatting feature within the Phamarc application .

Field Meeting

It is used for the monthly field meeting analysis and the report of those field meeting and discussions are made on its performance

Daily Work

In the daily work the employee will get there daily work details, which they need to do and can update the status of the work.