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For Support

Xplotica Care

Xplotica care has a dedicated technical support team who is readily available to support and provide its users maximum assistance. Our diverse and highly skilled global workforce consists of 100+ employees providing maximum support to the customers as well as to the partners regarding software related issues and queries.

Firstly, an Agent takes the call of the customer and provides them a solution accordingly. If the customer has been provided a solution or their query has been resolved then a message will be triggered to them for the purpose of giving feedback for the last call.

If the customer is dissatisfied then the Customer will give the Miss Call on the Xplotica Care number then Escalation desk will handle the customer issue. The Escalation Desk will check the customer data and provide the solution accordingly to the customer concern & if issue will resolve then again Thank you message will be triggered to the customer for feedback (solution)

For Technical Support/Assistance

Call Us@ +91-8867700428, +91-8040964117

Mail Us@ support@xplotica.com

For International Clients Assistance

Call Us@ +91-800-975-6189

Skype@ Xplotica

Mail Us@ support@xplotica.com

Website@ www.xplotica.com