About TripTracs

TripTracs is a corporate cab management application designed specifically for daily trip tracking and making the entire process easy. It is designed to handle multiple clients diverse on geographical area and quality of the clients. With enhanced database design to create the desired report and multiple commuters tracking it is a groundbreaking application for corporate cab facilitators. The Application is having Its Employee interface designed in Android and IOS while Driver module in the Android. It is a user-friendly lightweight android application.

Admin Module.

The Admin module is Master module for the Application for adding Cab manager, adding client details. The module is designed completely report-centric and can be enhanced for the desired reports.

Cab Manager

Cab manager will do the route creation, Driver and cab registration, Cab allocation to employee, Adhoc allocation, Guest cab allocation

Office Admin

The office admin is none other the employee of the client it has registration process they can rise the guest request for the office guest that will be generated through the admin panel, they the report of the driver details, cab details, daily trip allocation etc.


Easy to use and feature rich user application has been designed for, the user to request for the cab from his Profile, get the Cab Details, Driver Details, travel Route, History, Notification Request for the change in schedule GPS tracking to track the driver location and arrival time Driver and Cab detail Escort Profile with Photo for the safety measures.


GPS Tracking for the driver, cloud calling, multiple employee tracking and Google map integration make the driver work easy to handle. Saving all the trip and route record, generation of Trip sheet after completion are extra feature for the operational activity.

Important Features of TripTracs

Safe Rides

Verified drivers, an SOS button, and live ride tracking are some of the features of TripTracs to keep you safe and secure.


Cloud calling facility for driver and employee with the SOS alert, Real-time GPS tracking, and escort creation are added security features for the employees.


The real time GPS will update itself to know the location of the cab and employee. All the data will be saved and display as a report in the Admin panel .Route map will be shared both to the employees and the driver from the client location to the drop point.

SOS Alert

SOS Alert will provide an extra umbrella of safety. A user can save up to three no. for the Emergency contact.


The robust database is designed to create the desired report according to the client requirement.

Light weight and User friendly

The User Experience team has designed the application flow keeping it user-centric and we keep improvising it according to user feedback and technology changes.